Digital X-Rays

Most people are unaware that the majority of dental problems often cause no symptoms whatsoever. Cavities, infections, root resorption, gum disease and cysts oftentimes cause no pain or discomfort.

This is why dental x-rays are so important; they allow us to see many critical things that are not evident to us when we are looking clinically at the teeth. Our desire is to identify any pathology in its earliest stage as this enables the best, most conservative treatment options.

Our medical staff tailors x-ray intervals based on each individual’s condition. Someone who has never had a cavity will not need the frequency of imaging as will another person who has had many restorations and is at higher risk of decay. Every individual is unique, and our recommendation is based on your condition.

We understand your concern of x-ray exposure and are happy to be able to provide the latest technology in digital imaging. We use 60% less x-ray exposure for digital than we did with film, and our lead shields all have a neck collar to protect the thyroid gland. The safe use of x-rays and patient safety is very important to Dr. Davis.

Panoramic x-ray Machine