Mouth Reconstruction

One of the more comprehensive services we offer is full mouth reconstruction and restoration. You may want to consider a mouth reconstruction procedure if your teeth have been neglected for a long period of time or if you have badly aligned and crowded teeth.

What is Mouth Reconstruction?
Mouth reconstruction is a procedure typically used to rebuild and restore all of the teeth in a patient’s lower and upper jaw. Mouth reconstruction differs from smile makeovers by being a required procedure rather than an elective procedure. Mouth reconstructions are usually vital to the patient’s oral health improvement and quality of life.

Am I A Candidate for Mouth Reconstruction?
If you’re missing the majority of your teeth or find that most of your teeth are damaged and suffering from severe decay, you’re likely a candidate for mouth reconstruction. A comprehensive examination can be performed by one of our trained dentists in order to determine if the procedure is necessary or not for you. Full mouth reconstruction is often used in response to the following issues:

  • Headache, muscle, and jaw pain that can be cured by bite adjustment.
  • Fractured and injured teeth.
  • Severely worn, acid eroded teeth.
  • Tooth loss as a result of trauma and decay.

How is the Procedure for Mouth Reconstruction Performed?
The exact length of the procedure and the steps involved with it can vary on a case by case basis. Mouth reconstruction can entail many different treatment options such as porcelain crowns, laser tooth whitening, dental implants, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers. The dentists creates a custom treatment plan that best fits your individual needs.

Full mouth reconstruction can require multiple office visits which are typically spread throughout an extended period. The end goal of the procedure is to have a patient’s natural-looking restoration be nearly impossible to differentiate from the natural teeth. When the full mouth reconstruction is finished, your muscles, gums, bones, and teeth should look aesthetically pleasing and form a proper bite.

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