Snore Guards

You may already be well aware of how disruptive snoring can be. If you snore or if someone you live with snores, you may find it difficult to sleep. In addition to sleep deprivation, snoring can lead to other serious health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes if left untreated. Luckily, snoring can be corrected through the use of a snore guard.

What is a Snore Guard?

Snore guards are small, flexible pieces of plastic that can be worn in your mouth. A snore guard resembles the athletic mouthpieces you may have seen used in different sports. Batteries, hoses, masks, and other moving parts often used in sleep apnea devices aren’t found in snore guards.
A snore guard works by keeping the tongue and jaw from dropping back into the patient’s throat. By doing this, the snore guard helps keep an opened air-way passage. Snoring is reduced significantly in patients who have an open air-way while they’re asleep.

Is a Snore Guard Right for You?

If you find that your snoring is preventing you or your loved ones from getting restful sleep, then a snore guard is right for you. Snore guards have been shown to be successful in mitigating and preventing the harmful, distracting effects caused by sleep apnea and snoring. Here are some common concerns our patients have about snore guards that we can address:

  • No need to worry about being uncomfortable; snore guards mold to the unique shape of your mouth to ensure maximum comfort.
  • A snore guard also adjusts to your bite which allows patients who suffer from overbites or underbites to still use this treatment option.
  • The inner layer of a snore guard is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear while the outer layer is durable and resistant to damages.

How Do I Get a Snore Guard?

Snore guards can be acquired in one easy visit to our office. Simply make an appointment and show up; we’ll take care of the rest. The entire experience is painless as no tools, drugs, or needles are required. Additionally, x-rays and lab work are not necessary either to receive a snore guard. Snore guards can range in pricing; so it is important to discuss with your dentist what your insurance covers and what your budget allows.

Scheduling for Appointments

The dentist team at Lex Smiles can help stop the snoring problems that you’re suffering from with the use of a snore guard. By contacting us and making an appointment, you can get all information you need about snore guards and the serious health issue of snoring.