Night Guards

Roughly one in five adults suffer from the negative effects of bruxing. If you suspect that you’re clenching or grinding your teeth, then a night guard from Dental Partners of Boston may be able to help you. You can learn more about night guards by reading below.

What are Night Guards?

Night guards are appliances that are worn over a patient’s teeth. Night guards are typically only used while the patient is sleeping. There are other types of mouth guards that are used in other scenarios such as sporting events. Although there are basic night guards that you can buy off of the shelf, We recommend receiving a night guard that is custom designed for you. This allows for the night guard to meet the exact specifications our dentist recommends for your treatment.

An effective night guard should be durable and comfortable.A nightguard is a diagnostic,preventive and a therapeutic appliance and in order to play all these three roles it has to be custom made and we use the latest CAD CAM technology to fabricate one for the best results. Ideally, the night guard you receive should not restrict speech or breathing. Night guards help to correct or prevent the following issues:

  • Tooth damage caused by biting and grinding.
  • Tooth shifting caused by gaps or space between teeth.
  • Extended damage as a result of sudden impacts to your mouth.
  • Relief of joint aches and headaches.

Is a Night Guard Right for You?

If you believe that you’re grinding your teeth or clenching your teeth while you’re sleeping, then a night guard is right for you. A night guard is designed to prevent teeth grinding and clenching. If left untreated, teeth grinding and clenching can lead to serious damage to your teeth. Bruxism is generally caused as a result of stress, though there can be other factors behind it. If you are demonstrating any of these signs, you may be suffering from bruxism and are thus in need of a night guard:

  • You wake up with sore muscles in your neck and face.
  • Unknown fractures or wear to your teeth.
  • Difficulty or pain while chewing.
  • Increased sensitivity to food and drink.

Make Your Appointment Today

If you would like to make an appointment to receive a night guard or to learn more about night guards and their benefits to you or anyone in the family you can contact us today. Teeth clenching and grinding can cause lasting damage to your teeth if left untreated.