Your first visit

The initial examination/consultation with one of our dentists provides both us and our patients the opportunity to get to know each other. It is your chance to let us know your goals and concerns regarding your dental care, and it’s our opportunity to let you know about us, your treatment options and the setting in which we provide quality care.

Having ready the following information will assist at the first appointment:

  • A list of your current medical prescriptions.
  • Details of your dental insurance, if any.
  • Completed registration forms. This will help save time you time at the appointment.
  • X-Rays (if available / applicable)
  • A Note about X-Rays

If you’ve had x-rays taken with your previous dentist, please ask them to forward the images to our office prior to your appointment or bring them with you. If you need help with this, please ask us and we’ll be happy to assist.


Please call (781) 862-1767 during our normal opening hours to arrange an appointment that fits your schedule. Please let us know when you call if there is a sense of urgency due to pain or discomfort so that you may be seen promptly if needed.

After your appointment is scheduled, we will send out a welcome packet so that you can have the registration forms completed and ready to go upon arrival at our office.