TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder (TMJD) applies to a wide variety of symptoms relating to the temporo-mandbular joint. When one suffers from TMJ Disorder, possible symptoms may include ear or joint pain, muscle pain or tenderness in the head and neck region, tooth pain, frequent headaches, jaw clicking and difficulty opening wide.

In many cases TMJD is caused by clenching or grinding of teeth, usually during sleep. The teeth are not designed to be touching except when swallowing or when chewing, otherwise they should be separated in a state of relaxation. When touching, the teeth trigger activation of the jaw muscles. And it is this prolonged, over action of the muscles that leads to most symptoms of TMJD.

The simplest treatment for TMJD is a custom-made appliance, also known as a night guard. This device relaxes the muscles, thereby eliminating or reducing the major cause of TMJ pain, and is amazingly effective in the majority of cases. As is common in all of dentistry, early treatment always yields the best results. If you are suffering from TMJ discomfort, this simple treatment can change your life.

Appliance Therapy

The simplest treatment for TMJ discomfort is an oral appliance, also known as a night guard. These appliances come in different designs, but they all work similarly in that they relax the jaw muscles.

This results in less pressure on the teeth and jaw joints, and gives the muscles a much-needed rest during the nighttime period.

Appliance therapy is very effective in the majority of TMJ cases.